I informed the CTO that one of the beta features from our Cloud Provider (that we used for free) was released to the public and now we're supposed to pay US$ 0.65 for each 1 million requests.

In our case, this means we would pay ~US$ 6.50 to support a businesses that receives literally millions in Advertising each month.

Then I was hit with "How can we reduce that cost? It's out of our budget!"

Oh, looks like we have a really small budget, so... Let me help them by announcing that I'll leave by the end of the week because I'm moving to another country \o/

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    That can't be right. Did he really understand that it's 6 dollars and not 6 million dollars?
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    @aadilp Yes! I even converted to our local currency to help.
    It's very strange indeed.
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    I get that you really want to not be near that company anymore - but changing the country looks a bit like an overreaction to me.
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    @Oktokolo he should move to another planet
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    When I read this, I thought "they must be living in Sri Lanka."
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    CTO: Phew... Yeah that works!
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