Your freelance client wants you to build a Microsoft Teams clone, how much are you charging and how long would it take you?

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    Free laughs. For an eternity.
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    * installs slack *

    Hey, look, I just saved us years of development and ongoing support.
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    Well, it won't ever be as good as teams if you're alone. And that is with Teams being what it is. Sure, a solo developer could absolutely build a clone, but with the timeframe that would most likely be required for a client to be happy, that's practically impossible.

    Sometimes the best solutions are those that already exist.
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    Ah, yes… the casual "How hard can it be to make a facebook clone" type of client 😆
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    If it's genuinely just a clone, why wouldn't you use teams?

    Honestly, projects with these sorts of requirements tend to make me run, as they're generally only given by clients who don't have a clue, won't be helpful, and will never be satisfied.
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    Maybe you can find out how many poeple work at ms on teams. Devs + qa + mgmt etc. Than estimate their salaries and sum up. That's your estimation.
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    A basic clone with chat, video calling, user accounts and emoji but none of the fancy features and probably not quite as scalable? I'd say about a year on contracting rates so about £500 a day would be fair. All the libraries exist to do this but it would be a very complex and time consuming. If a client is offering less, good luck to them finding anyone who can do even a half-decent job of this...
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    Why would anybody want to replicate teams? It's a pile of burning garbage
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    @Ranchonyx probably they are thinking that they can do it better.
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    @Lensflare or maybe not send all their data to Microsoft 😂
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    @catgirldev how many cats and do you have a policy on allergies?
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