I just submitted "a lower price found" on GrubHub for an order I just made. Haven't gotten back to me yet but apparently if they agree, they'll give a $15 credit.

I think other services have this gaurantee too... So wondering...

How hard is it to write an app coloring menu prices between all these services...

Could get a lot of credits... And why haven't they done it themselves.

I'm not really up for the task at the moment but basically you just generate a table with all the prices from each service and highlight the ones that are different...

Then profit!!!

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    Do you mean like a website that compares prices between different shops?

    We have those (at least 2 in my country)
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    Like netikras said, In germany we also have 2 https://Geizhals.de and https://Idealo.de they both compare prizes among many Shops and Spit out the cheapest.
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    @netikras @jonas-w here there's like 3 make delivery services. And if you find a difference in menu pricing for the SAME STORE, you can raise the issue.

    And if verified they will give you a credit.
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    most difficult and annoying part of such an app is to parse out the prices, which you often have to do from html, meaning you have to simulate searching the site and paging through pages of results/cathegories, and so on.

    plus you need to keep all the xpaths for each site updated all the time, one change to the site and your whole price scraping for it potentially breaks.

    that's not difficult to do, just annoying and fiddly.
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    The do not do it since any lazy customers will pay the price they ask.

    The offer of matching prices is to ensure they also keep the more investigating customers.

    And there are multiple similar sites and I think some browser plugins that do this already but matching is not always trivial, some sites provide real api’s but other require spindling the site which could end up requiring manual adjustments per site so could be a lot of work.
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    @Voxera yes I guess it's cheaper to just give credit then hire someone to do it full time and try to automate it
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