Being a computer science student and having a lot non-coding-assignments to do, I am proud to say:

I love LaTeX!

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    I still use it to make all my doc that Markdown can't cover
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    Since I discovered latex my life has changed latex is love latex is life
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    A made my seminar presentation in Latex in 3rd year. It looked very professional.
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    It feels like programming instead of writing! :-)
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    Would you guys point me to some uses cases and a quickstart? :)
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    I find it takes away the feeling.
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    @mundo03 use case for me was to write a seminar report (which is usually written in Latex) and then to create a presentation for the seminar in latex (because there was lots of mathematical stuff in the presentation as well).

    I referred documentation of ShareLatex:
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    Or start with markdown, use pandoc to convert to LaTeX, tweak LaTeX.
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    I mix Markdown and Mathjax, problem solved !
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    Sometimes they expects me to know and use word - but after 5 minutes fighting with the formatting I feel like I have to quit.

    For most of my use cases markdown is fine. I just played around with LaTeX.
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    I understand
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