What are the thoughts on emojis in comments - especially CSS. I feel like they could be helpful but I would be concerned if it caused IDEs to not work or anything like that.

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    Kiss. Why introduce smth you could live without? I always prefer simplicity and bare minimum of tools/tech involved
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    Today's emojis is tomorrows hex code..

    Also, what it meant at the time you put it in, could be changed by the time someone else reads it !

    That's if anyone has a large enough monitor to see what that tiny collection of pixels looks like. ( Please do let them copy and paste the hex code in google, unlike say, Facebook.. )

    And then we are left guessing what it means.

    FX [ Uses old fashioned text to describe his bespoke emojis. ]

    FX [ Throws a cake in the ear. ]
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    You mean, like, the code comments? If you use these as markers (real indicators), I think they'd be of assistance for the reader. But for everything else, it's garbage in code.

    One rather annoying problem with emoji implementations is that they tend to break an alignment of characters after them in code editors, since they disobey monospace rules. It seems even worse if you try to align them vertically, because of the varying width and apparent randomness in horizontal areas. I remember having this issue while doing lists in markdown document - they just keep sullying my precious text, as well as navigation across different editors.

    I think, as it stands now, they have better place in the end of paragraphs and in communication outside of codebase.
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    @netikras because it’s code commenting, not actual code
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    @phat-lasagna I know. Still don't see the point/benefit/need
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    @12bitfloat I don't get it
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    I need to see one example where an emoji actually helps. I just can't picture it.
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    @netikras yeah I guess I figure it would just be a visual marker that is more discernible. For example you could label:
    // πŸ“±Mobile Styles
    // πŸ“† Date component
    // πŸ›  Resets

    It might not provide much benefit but 🀷‍♂️
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    @phat-lasagna imo it will bring more confusion than clarity....

    + ypuou will then depend on tools supporting emojis. Idk if GL editor/viewer supports them. See? Trouble already
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    @phat-lasagna how are a hammer and a wrench related to resets? That's more confusing than anything 🚽
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    What exactly is the problem you're trying to solve with this approach?
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    @netikras I concede. No emojis for me.
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    // πŸ›  Resets

    Amazingly, my PC now displays the image !

    For years it just displayed a hex image, that was so small it was super hard to read..

    But at least you could copy and paste it into google to find out what it means.

    Other systems, I think Facebook, no longer give you a hex code, so you can't copy and paste anything into google to find out what that funny splodge means !

    It's so nice to be able to google it:


    Oh wait, this site is better:


    It's got all the important stuff like:

    Unicode Code Point(s) πŸ› : U+1F6E0

    Though someone might confuse it with:


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    @Nanos This could cause issues like:


    Rumours can spread very easily I've noticed with just someone misunderstanding things a little.

    One place I lived, folk thought I was a retired bank robber because I used cloth bags with bank logo's on I found in the rubbish outside a bank, to store stuff in my shed !
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