Why do people (Some devs too...) bloody hell think that devs have Hard time fixing the Semi Colon issue, we have a lot of other issues to figure out, like the Structure of Data, Code Fragmentation, API Creation, Invalid Data Handling, Injection Prevention. But no, since we are developers, we are having sleepless nights because of one fucking semicolon? FUCKING NO, it hardly takes 30 seconds to figure out that there is a missing semi-colon. Really People, stop the ; thing!

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    Literally one of the easiest things to find since the compiler pretty much screams "YOU FORGOT A SEMICOLON YOU TWAT"
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    I think that king of devs use Notepad or MS Word to write code !

    Because with every IDE you can find if and where you're missing a semicolon
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    @lazyDev that's the point - ides show the error but text editors without plugins don't.

    I don't know who wouldn't use ide or at least put plugins in their text editor btw.
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    @kevincharm what? not for all programming languages
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    @kevincharm Bro... There are languages that need Semi-Colons, Like C, C++, Java... Whereas Languages like Ruby on Rails, Python don't need ;
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    @lazyDev @juzles yes but once you compile or run it your compiler will complain. it's a lame old joke. I'm tired of seeing that shit too especially when it's another programmer
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    An extra semicolon is harder to find than a missing one....

    Thinking back to when I was new to coding and had put a semicolon after a for-loop... That week of frustration....
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    @CharByte Haha, I can completely relate to that... Took me hours to scan through thousands of line to figure out da faq was wrong in my code...
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    ++ for making a clear distinction between devs and people.
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