Can anyone recommend any good code/screen sharing tools?

My use case is that I have a Windows work laptop with a garbage keyboard and I want to share my editor with my personal MacBook without having to clone the repo there or actually share any files.

I tried Live Share on VS Code but the shared terminal barely ever works, and you can't stage files from the editor GUI. I imagine something like TeamViewer would be very slow for this?
I'm not sure if there's any tool that covers this use case or if I should just stick with Live Share and try to workaround its issues. :/

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    You could try rdp, never did it with a mac, but apparently it's possible
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    Microsoft remote app (i did not tried)
    Have the option to remote the application

    Try anydesk etc

    If the device is in local network
    There are applications like splashtop etc
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    Remote desktop from a Mac to Windows works fine.
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    I use Remote Desktop across several laptops , mixed windows / Mac / Linux . Works well
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    Why not plug in an external keyboard 🤔
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    @electrineer that would be too easy.
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    Thanks for the answers, I'll try some of these

    @electrineer I do have an external keyboard, but sometimes I want to move around and my MacBook Air is great for that, with the external keyboard I have to sit at my desk and use it with a monitor.
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    Jetbrains also has this integrated sharing tool which works fine.
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    @LeMeow to me, coding with a laptop keyboard is anyway a downgrade from pretty much any full size keyboard. The keys need to feel unusable for it to be more of a problem than the fucked up layout every laptop keyboard is stuck with. Needles to say, I tend to stay at my desk when I'm actually coding.
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