Asked a girl what would she like to eat and gave her two options. She answered "Ok. Let's go".

Error cannot find parameters in line 2

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    default arguments
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    Some people give up and I dont give elses
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    tell her to first write a polymorphic variant of the requested method (I'm hoping for my English syntax to compile xD)
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    Error got got 2 arguments, expected 1.

    Error expected string, got boolean.

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    If you said "would you like x or y" and she replied with "yes", I'm pretty sure you're dating a robot 😁
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    This was a blocking call, you have tp wait till she finished running and returns to get am answer.
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    I would treat it as a loop with and abort or a break in it.

    If that's the case so the first option.
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    @fyroc Or concurrent design, just checking the callback once in a while.
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    Always decide for her if she doesn't specify. girls like it if you are assertive
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    Hint: She answered another question! ;)
    Edit: happy you!
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    This is deep
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