First time ever implementing an Android app from scratch (coming from C++ but also worked with C# and Python): WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT???

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    Java and xml
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    Have ever done any work with C# winforms? it is like that, but not so much. just use butterknife, and all will make sense.
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    @busuu Honestly, yes, it looks like everything is made to work like a charm, but I thought the transition would have been easier, it's just a side project :)
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    here some useful libraries:
    - butterknife
    - retrofit
    - eventBus
    - Picasso

    thank me later, Android is beautiful
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    @magicMirror Yes I worked more backend to be honest but every now and then there was some work with forms! It'll just need some time I guess!
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    @lazyDev I know Google is my friend, but what are these for? For the time being I'm just using Firebase + some coding for getting things done!
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    AndroidAnnotations is a good library to use too.
    Makes life a helluva lot simpler
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    Man Dont stress your self download android arsenal or browse on it through google , full of good libraries
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    @lazyDev I would like to add Dagger2 (dependency injection) and leak canary (to detect memory leaks) to your list
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    Mahn I just quit Android development and joined game developmentšŸ˜„ missing it alot now
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    React native
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    I feel you. I feel you. Android development is hell compared to actually modern frameworks.

    - No CDI out of the box and ~5 libraries for that.
    - Either old-school code or no backward comp.
    - Hell lot of code for most simple things.
    - No proper testing frameworks.
    - Test-Running takes at least 20s.
    - XML everywhere!!! Even for color definitions. Rly?!
    - Debugging tools from 10y ago.
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    Does anyone of you know some good library for audio management? Something like the equivalent of Glide/Picasso for images/video
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