What is SQL more useful for to an IT class, PHP of Python?

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    @g-m-f I think he wants to know what's the best combo between PHP & SQL or Python & SQL.
    Or it might just be a typo and the question is: "what language is the most useful for an all-around IT guy"
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    Prolly php. But its badly documentated..
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    I'm sorry, Latin made me understand every shit, no matter how nested. Sometimes I forget, that English doesn't work that way ...
    Imagine a bunch of idiots being taught SQL without any use. To be able to use it, they should either be taught PHP or Python next. For the other one there is no time.
    What would be more reasonable?
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    @g-m-f you can execute php on CLI without any need for a frontend. There are many php console tools (composer for example)
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    Sql + php - there are a lot more applications of this type in the wild. So it might be good to start here.
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    Thanks for the advice. 👍
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