Fuck you java

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    Fuck spring
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    Fuck netbeans.
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    Fuck life
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    fuck eclipse.

    i remember that it fucked up, even before i had started working with it.

    So they built like some installer for eclipse, and the whole process was kinda okay actually, but the moment i though, naah thats too good to be true, the fucking installer crashed on me.

    Funnily enough eclipse was correctly installed at that point.
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    Dude you don't know what it feels like to hate a language until you've tried Go.

    I used to hate Java too, now I think it's almost okay, wouldn't send it to burn in hell anymore, would just let it live in the purgatory for eternity so it can watch me code in Rust.
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    Fuck python
    *said no dev ever
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    @sariel What’s wrong with NetBeans? I haven‘t used it for decades but it was quite good.
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    @Lensflare it's Java.

    That's it.
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    You hate Go? Does it have a worse developer experience than Java?

    And a bigger question, I thought Rust had a bigger learning curve than Go; does Rust just have a better developer experience? What do you like the best out of these 3?
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    Rust would be my favorite, it doesn't lack any feature and has a great developer experience compared to C.

    Then Java because Go is worse. While Java is a monster, it's still fairly easy to program what you want with it. Go on the other end was designed with "the dev doesn't know wtf he's doing" in mind. The result is that making just about anything that has a little bit of complexity to it with Go is a massive fucking pain.

    Basically Go is used by former sysadmin/SRE who can't code to call shell scripts from a centralized CLI in 99% of situations. And it's great to do that, but that's about all you can do with this piece of sh*t.
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