My code editor has been frozen for 3 minutes because I entered a single character. My computer is a 16core 5.2ghz marvel of engineering. Visual Studio is a plague on humanity full-stop. Working with Unreal Engine gives me no choice but to use this piece of trash IDE that has only been going downhill since 2013. Cancel the project. Don't start over. Give up. Let Jetbrains make the IDEs.

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    I get this issue with Qt Creator sometimes. The clang parser starts going apeshit.
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    Just making sure that character is absolutely correct…
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    Did you try Rider?
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    You do realise you don’t have to use Visual Studio with UE? There are other, arguably better, options out there.

    Also why Visual Studio? Have I misunderstood something or isn’t C++ the official scripting language for UE? (For that I recommend CLion btw)
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    @100110111 or rather even Rider with Resharper. I think that works better with UE’s Cpp API than CLion judging from what I can deduct from the interwebs
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