after much cursing, my code starts to work.

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    So … even the devil answers prayers.

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    god knows his ways
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    This is like, 2/3rds of a Haiku
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    @atheist said James May
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    Yep, bringing yourself into an emotional state always works against bug blindness. strong emotions seem to flush caches.
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    @Oktokolo I find the opposite tends to be true lol
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    @AvatarOfKaine The effect seems to be triggered by the state change. But maybe, some versions hold on to the cache longer. and it only works when you are able to feel emotions - but aren't already feeling a strong one.

    Another method, that should work for most: Do something else and come back to the code "later" (exact timing depends on hardware and firmware revision).
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    @Oktokolo the second part I agree with
    I wonder if hitting on someone specific would have amusing effects lol
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