Fell asleep with my hand on the keyboard and woke up a few hours later. There was many thousands of newlines in my code.

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    Just say you don't save it
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    I was hoping this was going to end with "it was the best code I've ever written".
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    If that was in your workplace and they measured productivity based on lines of code written, you'd be promoted!
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    Ok be honest, did this actually happen or did you see it in a Snickers commercial?
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    @ryanmhoffman It actually happened.
    I haven't seen a Snickers commercial in years, since I rarely watch TV these days and I try to avoid ads whenever possible.
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    @nathanprocks lol well I just saw a commercial where the guy running the teleprompter at a news station fell asleep on the keyboard and was holding "a" down so all the anchors were just saying aaaaaaaaaaaaa.
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    @ryanmhoffman I just watched it lol
    What a funny coincidence xD
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