Warning : This rant is long and is a rant asking for help and suggestions. If you will read and dont leave any comments, please go search other rants. Thanks.
Hi, fellow ranters. In our community, we have a tech class where teens (teens here mean 14yo -15yo) come to learn computer stuffs. Teens here are selected by a test and an interview. There are some teens who are f***ing awesome. One of them are proficient in scratch. (yeah, the orange cat) Another is awesome at PhotoShop, and the other loves windows xp. The teacher uses Microsoft Visual C++ IDE made in the 1990s. The kid sitting to my left made flappy bird with gamemaker. About 10 to 11 teens doesnt know what ctrl+alt+del does in windows and never did programming before... 3 among them always brings coke and oreos and eats super loudly. CRACK! And I bet no one knows about git.
Ok. Enough for the awesome teens. Now what we learn.
We learn C! Yes, C. We learned for, if else, switch and all those stuffs, then learned variables, which made other students who never did programming before be (―,.―).
Next class we will learn about functions in 3 hours. Then array and pointer in 3 hours. Thats it for c programming. Then we do some unnecessary stuffs and time for the finals.
We need to make a project with up to 4 teens as one team. Now I am asking you awesome ranters to suggest some projects for about 4 pros and 16 noobs can do. 10 hours are given in class and we can do in other times by ourselves in home. What should we do? I bet many of them will say to make ascii art in c which is dull and I have no thoughts of doing that.
Any thoughts will be appreciated.
Thank you for reading.
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    How advanced should the project be?
    Like a real handwritten program?
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    @matsaki95 no, i can do stuffs with docker and nodejs (<- i dont know what this is anyway) with some php and artificial intelligence integration system using arduino and raspberry pi, but the only problems are that
    1. Other teens are rock head. (which means they wont learn the things above fast)
    2. They dont know git and probably will use outlook or g drive for ver control.
    3. Half of them suck at English. Especially conputer related english.
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    @ohYogi i didnt recieved the details but i guess we can use 3rd parties... (because 90% are stupid)
    But i want a bit advanced... I dont want to use bunch of scanf and printf methods with tons of if else statements.
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    A grep like program.
    Run it with a text and a filename as command line arguments and have it print any lines containing the text.

    Shows how you read from file, manage text in memory, opportunity to use regex if they are advanced enough or just plain find in string.
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    @Voxera sounds like a great idea! I will check it out later.
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    @CozyPlanes @Voxera And possibility to manage more of GNU tools. Like "wc" to count stuff, "head" , "tail". This can make a great class project, you can make a shared library between them and it will show them lots of skills
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    @Voxera @QCat if there is any other ideas, let me know. Thinking implementations in c....
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    @matsaki95 that seems to be a bit complicated for others... Implementing that in unity seems to be ok, but i dont know about others.. Team work is important too....

    But looks as a great idea! Never thought pathfinding in that way.. Thanks!
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    @CozyPlanes for CLI if not the fact my lib is unfinished (dix on github) I'd try to suggest it, but you're probably better off with something curses based for windows. (Unfinished as in unpolished and lacks documentation, but I can try to write something if you would like me to) If you plan to do something computationaly expensive, to look cool, you should try using either Vulkan compute or CUDA. I myself would suggest cuda as it's actually possible to learn it in less than a day, but then you are bound to only nvidia gpus. Aaand for the program itself I currently have no ideas, will post a new comment if I do.
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    @CozyPlanes maybe a BASIC interpreter or a template system (something that takes a file and parameters as input and change the strings of the output accordingly to the parameters)
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    Search for golfing problems.

    I do not have the url but that is small computer problems that you try to solve in as few chars as possible.

    Golfing is probably to difficult but many of the problems is not to hard if you don't try to minimize the code size.

    Like writing the fibonacci sequence or printing a pattern in asterisks.
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    @matsaki95 is it the same as a star algorithm?
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    @matsaki95 well it is just because i just finished a star algo by sebastian lague in youtube and due to my fucking stupid brain, i feel i practiced typing my keyboard......
    Maybe i should start again..

    I dont care if you rant about this thing, but i never requested it so it will be awesome if you rant abiut it, but i wont mind if u dont.
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    @matsaki95 wait... Woah. Are you doing this because you have interest in this?
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    Sound like a recipie for Enterprise level software...
    I would go for ascii art generator. enter pattern and generate some ascii art procedurally from it.
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    Create a chat bot.
    Create a Minecraft mod. (no idea how hard that is or what it entails)
    Create a program that turns any picture into a meme.
    Create a small game.
    Create an Android or iOS app that does something (social media-ish maybe).
    Those are just a couple ideas.
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    @Voxera do you know any other grep like linux stuffs?( I am not an expert in linux so asking for those things.)
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