The code is a freaking mess. Shared behavior, terrible variable/method naming, misleading module naming, dynamic polymorphic spaghetti, whitespace errors, no consistency, confusing even if you understand what the code is doing, ... . It should never have passed code review. It probably wasn't code reviewed.

The comments are sparse and useless. Quality level: // This is bridge.

The documentation does not exist.

Testing steps for QA are missing several steps, including setup, so actually using the feature is bloody challenging. If one thing is wrong, the feature just doesn't show up (and ofc won't tell you why).

The specs for the feature are outdated and cover only 4 of 19+ cases. And are neigh useless for those 4.

The specs for the report I'm fixing don't even check the data on the report; it just checks for one bit of data on each row it creates -- a name -- which is also the same on each row. gg.

The object factories (for specs) are a mess, and often create objects indirectly, or in backwards order with odd post-create overwriting to make things work. Following the factories is a major chore, let alone fixing or extending them.

The new type has practically zero test coverage.

The factory for the new type also only creates one variant -- and does so incorrectly.

And to top it all off: the guy who wrote the feature barely ever responds. If he does, he uses fewer words than my bird knows, then stops responding. I've yet to get a useful answer out of him. (and he apparently communicates just fine, according to my micromanager.)

But "it's just fixing a report; it'll be easy!"
Oh, fuck off.

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    Im tired of that micromanager saying everything is easy. She should do it herself if its so easy. Is she even open to constructive critisism?

    Ffs, this rant boils my blood

    Next time she says its easy please
    1. Ask her why she thinks that's the case and press her on the issue.
    2. Inform her that she's not being helpful to the company and that her attitude is condescending and deranging.
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    New job?
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    @bioDan This entire company boils my blood.

    @donuts Oh yes. As soon as I can.
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    @Root oh I meant this was happening at the new job as well. But guess not.
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    Having the same here. Big ball of mud is an understatement.

    Funny seeing a confluence page from 5 years ago stating the same issues I am seeing now... Nothing was done 🤡
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    @donuts Oh. That’s a definite worry of mine: trading one hell for another.
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    This code you're referring to... sounds like the classic "burn it all to the ground and start from scratch" scenario.

    Manager optionally included if you so choose.
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    I f-ing hate people that does not respond. I mean, what are they? The president of the united states!? Brain surgeons?

    I have at least 4-5 guys/gals that does this at my current workplace. Useless. Not a happy place.
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