Come back from the vacations is a magic experience

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    My mom would say to this: thats because if you paid attention at school and finished exams in time with good grades you wouldn't have such difficulties at the job.

    Boils my fucking blood just by thinking about it.

    She doesnt know SHIT about computers. She doesnt even know what "copy" and "paste" fucking means and i have to explain even that.
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    Omg I want this for our services
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    Promote the person who made this error page, they completely deserve it.
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    Best error message i've seen.

    Not some "oopsie woopsie i made a poopie" error message
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    @b2plane your mom sucks haha
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    The fact that someone coded this to handle a specific API error is... *MUAH* 🤌🏻🖐🏼
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