so management decided that the PM/PO/SM role has to be split and that SM shall be done by someone else.

PM in retro: so i will give away this role because i cannot fulfill all roles adequately, not because of missing skills, but because of missing time. this is also why i couldn't finish my development task for this sprint. so, someone of you guys has to do the job. i expect the future SM to be always available for me in the morning and the afternoon, so due to timezone shift this has to be someone from the German colleagues. I will have to explain to that person what exactly I as a PO expect from the SM and the SM will have to follow this guideline. also, being SM is no excuse for not delivering your stories, it just takes very little time.

...i don't need to comment on this at all, he already makes a perfect clown of himself 🤡

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    SM does not work for the PO. SM works for the team and sometimes needs to push against the PO. In this case, it will be all the times.
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    something that the idiot of a PO at my company fails to understand
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    "This is... Agile!"
    Send this guy home. Srsly. He thinks the team works for him, and towards a goal.
    Also - SM is a full time job, and not a random dev. Only in a very small teams (4-6) an SM can do some non critical tasks.
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    "I don't have time for this but you do since it takes no time at all. Also, I will still have all the time in the world to micromanage the shit out of you."
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    @electrineer i'm really wondering why all these contradictions and cognitive biases unified in one person don't make his fucking head explode
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    @soull00t The biases are exactly what keeps his head from exploding.
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    @Oktokolo or maybe they are the result of his head exploding
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