We take over development of a live customer facing system and PM agrees date for our first code deployment with client CIO
Me: The dev and staging environments don't have any test data currently as the old agency screwed it up
PM: Well you better load some
Me: There isn't any... It'll take 10 days to copy prod db due to hosting provider SLAs, leaving 1 week for SIT, UAT and performance testing (assuming they don't screw up)
PM: Well the date is set, 1 week will be enough for testing

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    Uh oh. This may not have a happy ending. Control that PM. Customer facing could get nasty without testing. Finger pointing... test properly. Good luck. Let us know the ending.
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    Yikes, good luck with that one. Make sure that conversation is documented in e-mail and you might want to bring it up with the PM's lead.
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