I have a few side project ideas. I started one of them a few months ago (project setup, dependencies, git repo, index page, very basic API and client functionality). But I cannot get myself to work on it or even think about it (for months now). The reason? I do not want to work on the client/frontend! I do not want to deal with React or Vue or Svelte or fuckjs or even jquery. It's a fucking mess.

For the backend, the requests are stateless: you get a request, handle it, and respond back. Need to update state? Database. That's it!
For the frontend, there's just tooo many states I can't keep up with! When the user checks or unchecks this checkbox, I need to maintain the state of the checkbox and maintain the all effects of changing the checkbox while syncing with the backend and making sure the elements are still styled correctly with the applied effects. Multiply that with all the expected interactive elements on the page. It's exhausting!

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    I can write some good React... is it time for a rantsauce fullstackclown dynamic duo dream team?!?! 🤡
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    Have you look at Model-View-Intent (MVI)?

    In MVI there is a controller which handle all the state and view just render thing.

    I recommend Hannes Dorfmann blog on MVI.
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    Svelte is a very good framework when it comes to reactivity. It is very close to html.

    There is this another framework called Alpine which you can learn in a day or two. It’s small and powerful.

    And finally, you can just have vanilla JS if the frontend is not very complex.
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    Also, USE TAILWIND! You will thank me later.
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