Me: I would like to receive external training for RHCSA course and certification

Company: Sure! we will open a ticket for you and keep you posted

Me: it's been almost 3 months, could you give me any updates?

Company: Oh actually you are not eligible! this certification is not aligned with your job description!

Me: But...I use linux every single day and it's one of the main requirements to be able to do my job?

Company: Yeah whatever no need to get certified still..!

Me: Why didn't you tell me that 3 months ago?

Company: Well the process was changed and we decided this certification does not match your profile

Me: What matches my profile then?

Company: certificates in Azure and GCP

Me: But I don't ever use those platforms?

Company: ......

Me: ......

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    You know what, take those certificate courses. Even if you don't use them on the daily. After you get certified, practice what you learned. You can even recommend to migrate to these services. And once your contract is up, you can polish your CV with your new certs.
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    @fruitfcker I'm just pissed off about their BS and lack or communication, massive waste of time.
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