Just got an email accusing me of not implementing a feature that is quite clearly implemented.

It's not my fault if your too stupid to #include my header file. Did you just expect the compiler to magically find the functions for you.

Also thanks for raising this with my team lead and his boss.

May you spend eternity in a cold ditch coding java script on a 386 with a 28k modem you disgusting fuck nugget.

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    Oh man. That sounds painful. Reminds me of my marketing days when my boss wanted me to write the EULA because "I saw in your transcript that you had 1 semester of 'Media Law' as part of your masters."
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    Reply to all and call him out on such bs by asking him if he #included it...
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    This is more or less what I did.

    I replied to all stating the location, file and lines that the functions were in. Then stated the file with the missing #include.

    I then left the office for 5 minutes so I wouldn't feel tempted to say anything stupid if confronted.

    She still hasn't talked to me about the issue and I've had no reply to the email.

    My code has since been buddy reviewed and I asked the reviewer to pay special attention to any functions that might be missing ;) he found none.
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    If only the edit button was still active.
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