Found this, but not sure if it applies to us

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    true I would add: "you should understand this seeing that 90% of your market share comes from windows coming pre-installed on everything. but if you really want to corner the rest of the market maybe try windows toilet paper. then again it would be some shity toilet paper."
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    How likely am I to recommend devRant? I definitely would if there was someone to recommend it to... 10/10
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    Except when we're talking about Linux. Seriously, you should try it, start with something very user-friendly, ubuntu or mint, seriously man, you should try it!

    I am not like that, not 100% of the time at least. 😁
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    Thank you for this. You are amazing.
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    I always have these convos with my friends about which OS to use -- Said no damn human on this Earth
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    I'd say a good 40% of DevRant talks about operating systems on a daily basis. Some of us talk about it hourly!
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    @gitpush Hi, appearantly I'm no damn human! 😅
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    @linuxxx this feels awkward 😓
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    When the subject cones up, for 95% of the people, I'm going to recommend Win 10, because it's simple, and doesn't require on-site tech support. The last thing I want to do is recommend something that they are going to call me for support for.
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    @iAmNaN See your point yeah! I'd personally never recommend windows or Mac but that's because I personally can't recommend someone a system that goes against my very principles so yeah.... (On the other hand, my family runs a combo of Ubuntu and Elementary os and that works very well!)
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    Add to text box: ...unless you're talking about Linux distros / BSD, or other Unices
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    5/7 wound not.
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    Why can't the world live on bare necessities and be contended with Linux even games now are coming on steam which is bolt out of the blue . I spent my years playing battle of wesnoth on Ubuntu and was happy with it.
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    I have win 10 at home but personally prefer Ubuntu over win. I don't have grudge for a win dev but frustration against the licensing and updates of windows.
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    @wesaka I went directly os x - > win 8->.1->10->arch
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    @inukinator Mine was like this:

    XP - 7 - 10 - 7 - Ubuntu - Mint

    Thinking about Debian now, wanna save arch for later, one step at a time 😁
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    @wesaka I honestly miss my macbook 😢
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    Where is @Microsoft
    I got no grudge against windows

    P.S I think it's their official account
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    We love Linux too, but at the end it will be an operating system for technical people or developers only, which is a very tiny group comparing to the average users population.

    So talking about desktop operating system market, Windows will always be dominant !!!
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    @Microsoft Truly agree with that, I think you can't get everything in one os, I love ms products, windows for gaming and designing and for everything else linux

    I love vs-code too thanks to you for bringing it up :)

    I think we should respect every os.
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    @darkShadow07 I beg to differ lol
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    @dfox can we have "official account" sort of thing
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    @JSn1nj4 tho, I really hate people who just click "you have won the lottery" ads on porn sites and complain about security issues, speaking about the comment about users' fault for viruses
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