Ok might as well share my misadventure on a phone screen:

It started pretty normal, the guy talks about his background, the position, and asked me about my background.

Move on to the language trivia; I’m not good at memorizing language features, but I guess it’s what people want, so I’ll be working on that down the road… Anyways it didn’t go well, and the guy somehow made me feel like an idiot even on the questions I got right.

It’s really awkward at this point… but let me tell you I was not prepared for what I can only describe as the fucking coding portion of the phone screen…

No computer. No pencil or paper. No whiteboard. Over the phone I’m saying: “class Dog with a capital ‘D’ colon newline tab def space bark open parentheses close parentheses….”

what the actual fuck

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    Tech hiring in a nutshell: trivia, leetcode, and cracking canned questions. Even “senior system design” questions suck. Build twitter, you have 30 minutes!
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    lol, over the phone you should have just described the algo, and said "if you want actual code, let's do it in a way that allows me to actually type, because naturally, unless you're insane"
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    I wonder if they would let you do the whole job over the phone :-)
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    @Midnight-shcode lol bro there was no other way, the guy said “give me a dog class with the methods bark and color” like “lol ok you have a dog class with the methods bark and color”
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