6 months of internship made me realize that solving other peoples bugs is my biggest distraction.
Apparently I enjoy solving bugs more than writing clean code from scratch. šŸ˜

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    You have a bright future my friend. There'sā€‹ a metric megaton of developers which hate their jobs because the have to fix bugs in absolutely unmaintainable codebases
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    Ah, a fellow masochist
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    I would say I do that in all the things.
    Despite having the love to invent and create new stuff, I absolutly love to pick any base idea / "demo" or diy project, and take it a step further, even if it is just correcting it, or enable new features that were not possible before, or just someone said it isn't possible, or very difficult. :D
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    I can't stand bugs that's why I fix them in others code.
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    This happened to me in the current company I work for.

    They had so many bugs they couldn't find and I got the job when they saw that other people couldn't fix them themselves. My job became bug hunting and later writing new code from scratch for new or stale features.

    I have fixed bugs before, a lot of them, so that was nothing new.

    You know what I resized in those months of work. I realised that's it's easier to find and fix bugs in larger projects than it is writing new code. As you become more familiar with the project it gets easier writing things from scratch, because you have read and understand more portion of the code.

    I love bug hunting. I always take my paladin sword with me.
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