how come I can't ++ my own rant or comment
Like I'm sick of people telling me I can't like myself.
I can fucking like myself if I want to.
It's my body my life.
We live in the age of self love and all that other shit.
Let me ++ myself.
Oh wait I figured it out.
++ing yourself might lead to spam rants where people post a hundred rants and ++ themselves for points.
I propose that ++ing ourselves become legal but it doesn't effect our total ++ rank

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    Then what would be the point? :)
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    There's just no point in being able to ++ your own rants or comments. As you said: some people would abuse that feature and if it wouldn't increase your actual ++ counter, you wouldn't even notice it

    Pointless feature request, case closed
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    You also high five yourself in the mirror don't you?
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    @Krokoklemme some people talk to a rubber duck.
    you dont actually need the rubber duck do you
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    @ronnymajani bad analogy, since it's not even close to being the same
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    @Krokoklemme and yet I said it
    for the same reason I want to ++ myself
    Excersizing my right to stupidity and pointlessness.
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    So you just want to see the red colour when you ++ your rant or post for the satisfaction?
    No,I do not see the point.
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    @lucifyer satisfaction. like liking your own photos on instagram.
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