> Be me
> Desperate for a driver
> Find nothing useful
> Oh a GitHub repo, hmmh
> '𝐃𝐨𝐰𝐧𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 ===> tinyurl.com/XXXXXX'
> Nope
> It's time to report!


- The url is a redirect chain to a phishing site

- Repo is completely empty except for a single folder with 1000+ files all named after drivers, with the same 'download' link, and probably scraped website text at the bottom (probably to increase searchability)

- The 'user' joined just a couple days ago and has no other repos

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    Tinyurl is just a link shortener
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    You might want to read the 'Context' section.

    > The url is a redirect chain to a phishing site

    Tinyurl was only the entry point~
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    @catgirldev I could just link you the repo so you would be able to take a look at the mess as well, do you want it?
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    There are no drivers, only the same link 1000+ times redirecting you through 3 different hosts to a phishing site.
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    Interesting haha, wouldn't expect github to be used as a phishing trap :P
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    @Jifuna Well I guess any platform would do, but yeah, hope it will be gone soon~
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    True true, i wouldn't make a difference for a tech illiterate. Interested what kind of driver you were looking for tho?
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    @Jifuna just some printer drivers~
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    @ElectroArchiver haha, those are the worst if only there was a standard lol
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    @Jifuna I would love to learn about them, though I haven't found a good resource yet..
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    @ostream nice one~
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    @ElectroArchiver I could send you a tinyurl? :P. Jk, not my field of expertise, have worked a while as a tech support for old people and print drivers always were a pain in the ass.
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    @catgirldev can I haz that access as well? I come across dumb phishing sites time to time.

    fortiguard accepts my submissions asap at this point but again, not everyone uses fortiguard
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