Don’t you feel like development with Android Studio is 50% figuring out why the f*ck is not building, or running, resetting cache, clean build, rebuild… etc, and 50% coding? Or is it my lack of experience?

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    No, it is fucking shit.
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    I refuse to build natively on either platform these days. I've committed to Flutter. I can't think of anything more beautiful and simpler than:

    > flutter build appbundle
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    @ojt-rant yeah i proposed that to my company, but they refused with the argument of it being too niche.
    Now were stuck with whatever the fuck expo is doing with the port of the react app to react native and hope it doesnt randomly break. But even getting it to a point of building was pain.
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    @thebiochemic :S describing flutter as "too niche" didn't age well for them :)
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    I said it in past rant and I am going to say it again.

    Native android development is hell on earth. All the dependencies stuffs, SDKs, build tools and versions will make you lose your sanity. Also the best practices and methods changes every several months / are completely rewritten every several months. What madness!

    I don't remember facing these problems during native Windows or full stack web development. The breaking changes, when they do happen, when you upgrade your framework/library to the next versions are usually minimal and manageable, unlike native android development.
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    You are doing something very very wrong.
    Your build setup is unstable, or you are playing around with the gradle build files to try and solve the instability.
    Minimize the minSdk and TargetSdk spread.
    Setup the build env correctly once. Do not add random libraries. Build it, and then the build cache will be populated correctly.
    Stop clearing the cache. That should only be used when your build is slow bc of too much crap (umused dependcies) is in the cache.
    Use Smoke Test Unit tests.
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    @daniel-wu yeah but remember having to fix all those niche Internet Explorer problems prior to polyfills? Not merely *just* Internet Explorer but a variety of different versions.

    Although, I would argue building native mobile apps is still more stressfull.
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    Build a better mobile Browser version, local caching, lightweight code, etc.
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    I feel you brother. Everytime I have to work on some old Asp.Net shit. WebForms/WinForms etc.

    Everything with that bullshitass designer. You wanna open a file you've just created? Sorry, error. Restart IDE and maybe...

    Restarted website? Sorry. Old instance still hangs somewhere in IIS, so the port is taken...

    Seeing code light up red when cleaning the project. Compiler being like "What the fuck is 'void'?"

    Or - I know you didnt make any changes, but Im gonna build AppCode folder anyway... Its only gonna take a minute or two, no worries.

    Or - You have XML template file to this class (codebehind)? You wanna open the XML? Would be shame if it was opened in the designer view and your entire IDE crashed 'cuz of some unsuported third party UI element.

    Or - just unexpected debug session crashes.

    And dont make me start on Xamarin...

    God bless Flutter!
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    @ojt-rant huh, flutter.
    are the documentation and error messages finally not shit?
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    @Midnight-shcode documentation is good - they even provide handy warnings if you're reading a deprecated example.

    Error messages...I've had a few...I've not had any issues with them though. 9/10 times it's one of three things for me
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