Working on a group project, and this is how my group member writes his "if" statements.

Should I change my group?

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    Kill him with fire before he lays eggs! What kind of blasphemy is this? It took me a while to find where the } was hahaha.
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    Seriously though, you as a group should agree in some code conventions so that all the code looks the same. Here is what Oracle has to say about if statements, if you need a powerful reason to change his mind: http://oracle.com/technetwork/java/...
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    Don't most IDEs have some feature that makes syntax/spacing consistent? It's what I do (first thing) when working with a group; convert all their code to my preferred format.
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    @Seag the merge conflicts are going to be nasty if others are still working on features
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    @Joserc87 I had the same issue trying to debug his code... You know we know if the scope you're in ended or not 😡
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    @burmesepornstar I found a way to merge conflicts with his code... just delete everything he's written, then rewrite everything, git add, git commit 😎
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    @Seag this guy uses vim, and compiles in terminal. That's actually the professor's fault, he doesn't believe in IDE's.
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    Well good luck when somebody "git blame"s you for some bug in the code ;)
    There are formatters online. Force your colleague to use one.

    The group is just you 2?
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    @Joserc87 it's 3 of us, but I'm yet to see the 3rd member of the group.

    I guess I gatta be thankful this guy even does anything 😂
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    @arturgrigio I can understand vim + terminal, though that should underscore the importance for consistency and following some kinda standard. Makes my OCD tingle.
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