god i need more money... sigh and the whole 'oh he wants his own money too' yeah no shit.
motherfucking economic downturn, motherfucking stupid ruffneck baby touching garbage! fucking bitchy resentful stupid, retarded, ugly, bottom of the shallow side of the gene pool motherfuckers !

and their stupid whore young adult offspring !

and you know what reallllly gets me ?
my expectations from life, have yes fluctuated, but they were never really that inflated.

no shoveling shit
nothing that destroys me
everything that inflates my health and prolongs my life, youthfullness, libido, and frees me of toxic creatures pretending that everyone else is toxic because they're soulless meddling trifling underhanded backstabbing sadistic hateful trash !

and you know, a career in something i would consider meaningful would have been nice, but i'm fine with extra money, a woman and a place to live that i'll never have to worry about losing and people butting the fuck out of my affairs when their private lives are horrific to the extreme !

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    you know.


    it gets annoying sometimes.

    i forget they like to attach themselves to statements that are hypocritical of them. heh
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    This shit again?
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    @aviophile do you view yourself in such a narcissistic light borg bitch ? :P you just mechanically posted the same image and said again which suggests you like the bitching.

    does it get you hard ?
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    @aviophile god want to fuck them in the mouth.


    taking advantage of the communal nature of mankind and the interdependence of people along with a flawed system to try to suck up time which was available in vast quantities prior to this bullshit of 'lets put everone's futures in jeaopardy so they'll get stuck in a time loop, and then, on top of that, alter things to our fucked up imaginations content and deprive them of comforts, needs and wants'..

    or in some cases not needs.

    just mechanical circuit like pathways of resource allocation, necessity oriented activities and resource consumption to make everything predictable in a BAD way.

    but hey for the cost of your soul or sense of self

    we'll help you and then torment you for it'

    fuck you people!!
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    Switch jobs, moonlight as a contractor, or do over employment.
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    @lungdart if it was just that easy
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    @bigmonsterlover hey I just watched some more of the same shit happen
    It's a nightmare to me
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