When my boss say "we gonna build a new software and we gonna use JS" I start wondering if i really need this job

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    I'd be like 😍
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    As much as I dislike JS as a language, I have to admit that NodeJS (MEAN) is really great. And for frontend is not like you have any other option ;)
    What kind of software is it?
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    Check it
    Only problem? no local database on JS.
    made the gui for an app with electron, only to find out I couldn't save in a sqlite file or something. Almost cried
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    @RodrigoF Thuis contains some info you might like: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/...
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    @linuxxx this* fucking Dutch autocorrect
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    If I had found that 1 year sooner... :(
    Well, doing it on python now... like... 1 time a month
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    @Joserc87 my software is an CRM on web and the problem is i dont program front end, i'm BackEnd developer and in mi opinion JS on server is a security problem (sorry for my english, i'm from Venezuela)
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    @eorono why do you think that? Just wondering because I might learn something :). Node and php backender myself!
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    I don't see why is it a security issue, not any more than python or ruby. I've never heard of that. But I'd like to know more about it!
    Btw no worries, your English is fine. I'm from Spain myself. ;)
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    @Joserc87 @linuxxx is very weak with cross-site scripting (XSS) is a problem very important and star with JQuery (Fuckin JQuery), but still, in my opinion i prefer Python on server side than JS, JS is to FrontEnd
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    @eorono Nodejs has nothing to do with jQuery
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    @mrbig00 no, you are right, but they have the same problem
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