I wonder why it is possible to like/upvote your own post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...

but not on DevRant...? 🤔

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    There they allow you to have an ego? Here you must earn it?
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    Because this is DEVRANT *spartan kick*
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    I've never understood why someone should be able to like their own post.
    I mean, if a person didn't like what they have posted, they wouldn't have posted it in the first place you know..
    And most importantly, those liking mechanisms are there for other people to express their feelings toward the post.
    P.S. - this also good for avoiding spam content. Because, if someone can++ their own comments, they may comment all over the place and ++ those themselves to get free swag, unlock avatar items, etc..
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    @murkyMartin I don't see any ego boost in upvoting the own message
    @dreik that swag thing makes sense 😁
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    @sam9669 you forgot this.. 😁
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    Also, votes mean something here. Nowhere which runs a reputation engine allows self upvotes e.g. Stack Overflow...
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    Because there is plenty of lovely people on here that will like your shit.
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    because only devrant is doing it right
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