I built a feature. I asked questions for days. Nobody helped. I built it anyway, and while I'm not sure it's quite right, it works.

During a code review, I asked for clarification on who the fuck it's for. Simple fucking question. Didn't get an answer. I did get the same crap response twice, though. It's great because it both doesn't answer my question and makes things worse.

Let's refer to this as "branding." Here we go!


Root: "Should this be changed to blue? I'm not sure who the end-user is."

TC: "should be purple, then call it something more convenient" (...what?)

Root: "Better phrasing: if we use the feature, it should match our colors and be blue. If customers use it, it should match their colors and be red. It shouldn't be both. I looked through everything again, and i'm convinced that it's only for us, so it should be blue so it matches everything."

TC: "this should be purple, and then call it something [sic] red" (...what!? also: lolcopypaste)


But like, that's wrong in every single way. It's internal, not external. Doing both makes it confusing. Doing both and calling it external is fucking stupid. Did she even read the PR? or any of my questions? ugh.

I swear, it's like arguing with a boulder and expecting it to listen. An ugly, oversized boulder that comically resembles Jabba the Hutt. No joke.

Whatever, it can be purple. Later, if someone complains that it's confusing, I'll just link them to the damned PR. Then again, almost everything here is confusing AF, so I doubt anyone will actually notice.

Screw this place. So glad I'm on my way out.

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    I'm glad you are getting out of there soon as well.
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    Wait is this the same abusive pile of rectum cancer from a rat’s anus that used to be your “boss”? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jabba marries her as they’d match perfectly as obese slave driving sadistic psychopathic space slugs
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    my recent conversation woth my team lead .

    *(while creating a PR for 1/6 features that will be shipped this sprint)*

    me : hey tl, please review this pr

    tl : hey dot, so i have reviewed your pr and i think your new sectionClickListener should be CISectionClickListener (CI= my Company's initials)

    me : but why ? we already have a SectionButtonClickListener and this one is almost similar with just a broader scope

    tl : no branding is important.

    me : ok sure , whatever.

    *(while raising a Merged PR of 6/6 features)*

    me : hey TL, all of these PRs are merged and approved. just raising this combined PR for you to glance over all the features that we will be shipping

    TL : he dot, everything looks good but why did you name it CISectionClickListener when we already have a SectionButtonClickListener? we should be consistent.

    me : (CAUSE YOU SAID SO, YOU SMARTASS) cause we had a discussion about it, and you suggested it

    TL : oh you were talking about this one? my bad, pl change it
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    You really need to get out, because this company makes you say some alien stuff.
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    @dotenvironment Please tell me it’s all in writing.
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    @badcopnodonuts yepp, pr comments both time
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