Every week since I started the company:

Boss "We need a special feed of resources for this customer."
We say "Great let's build support for custom feeds."
Boss says "Could we just hard code that resource in really quickly?"

This week:
Boss says "Could you make a system that dynamically let's me know what resources has been hard-coded in all special feeds, and that alerts me when a resource goes offline".

Now what should we respond?
Help us out! Best suggestion might turn in to an email to boss..

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    "If that would be the case, I would have done it for myself, wouldn't I ?"
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    @siljamicke Here's the response:
    "So boss here's your dynamic hard-coded system that dynamiclly returns the only resources that are hard-coded".
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    When I see there is a problem with the feed, I will alert you by email. The system is extensible and dynamic, and I can monitor multiple site, and alert via phone call as well. But I can't do anymore coding though, as I will be manualy monitoring everything...
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    @magicMirror oh but I won't monitor anything. Never in a million years.

    They are quite apt with making processes in MsWord, and lists in MsExcel, so I'm leaning towards answering with "your mess, you clean it up".
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    @siljamicke do you have another job lined up?
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    @vringar judging by devRant, the grass is not greener anywhere else. Same shit different name.
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    Correction, I did not start the company, haha, I meant when I started at the company...
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