TL;DR Is there a hackerrank for Oracle PL/SQL?

At my work, we do not get raises, we only get promotions. Promotions are applied for, and then interviewed for. Highest score (plus maybe some managerial bias) wins.

33% of the questions revolve around PL/SQL (and just Oracle DB in general) and the better you explain yourself, the better you score.

Tutorials just don't do it for me. They're boring. I want something interactive. While it doesn't need to be competitive and challenging like hackerrank, I'm looking for something gamified like hackerrank where I can see other people and learn the technology intimately so I can climb the ranks at my company faster.

Does anyone know of something sort of along the lines? All suggestions appreciated.

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    Write your own.
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    I think pluralsight might be an option, it has a "level of expertise" ina nice little chart thing you could probably use as leverage 😂

    I don't have a subscription anymore but I think I remember OracleDB being in there.
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    I saw a hackerrank for PL/SQL once, it was in the necrinomicon, right between the implementing the game of life in Brainf*** and a PERL regex that was sed to summon Codethulu.
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    If I worked at a company that didn’t give raises I wouldn’t stay there.
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