The MS Teams SDK is bullshit. It's so half baked and comes with instructions like "you'll probably want a better implementation for production, good luck cause you'll have to write it yourself."

Oh and don't forget to cache your installations in a file called "notifications.json"

Deploying will create 2 app registrations (OIDC) and about 6 resources in Azure... But "you'll probably want to log to app insights in production"... So I hope you're very familiar with Bicep cause you'll have to figure out how to add that to your template properly and there are about 7 Bicep files to decipher and it doesn't create an app insights out of the box.

Probably written by an intern.

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    I declare this, a good quality rant.
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    Teams is such a shit show. I ran in for the first time in months today.

    Mother fucker cut my mic mid-sentence and told me that my device ran out of memory.

    It's hard to run out of memory when there's 32 gigs of it and you're running just teams.

    I guess they had to put all those shit devs for IE somewhere, just didn't figure they would have put them all on the teams project.
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