Does anyone else find it strange that the stupidest people in the company are making all the decisions.

In order to be able to engineer software you have to understand everything that the product owner knows, the business analyst knows, the product manager knows + how to actually make the system both work in a reasonable time frame and be maintainable long-term.

But we're not the one making the decisions. The irony of it is something that I can't get beyond.

And when I do go out on a limb to point out a logical inconsistency to UX or product... They don't thank me for it they hate me for it and then 3 days later figure out that they should be doing it and quietly follow my suggestions.

Seriously is the goal here to create good software or to avoid stepping on everyone else's toes in the company who is overwhelmed by the complexity of the project.

I think companies based on a hierarchy of non-technical people controlling technical people, in the creation of software products are a dying breed.

When it comes to creating software products everyone in the hierarchy should be technically minded.

I've seriously been trying to come up with an alternative perspective here.

The executives of the company are completely out of touch and the only thing which looks like progress to them in a sprint review is something visual on the front end.

The technical architect, the product owner and the product manager all seem to be engaged in keeping the executives happy and managing their expectations. By means of obscuring the truth.

Imagine how much more cost-effective building a software product would be if the executives were engineers themselves.

I'm keen to do an experiment and build a company comprised of engineers only.

Obviously they need to have insight into the other roles. But none of these other roles are as complex as implementation itself.

So why exactly are we the slaves of these well-meaning under thinkers?

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    @zlice Guess we all have a mf like that.

    Last week I got a nice request from a senoir (working 30 years as IT responsible) :

    "I see you made an windows 10 usb, can you install it too ? I don't know how to install a windows from an usb device"

    Wtf am I supposed to do here ? f** hell...
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    Different personality traits lead to different career choices. Most thinkers just aren't leaders - no matter whether they technically could or not.
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    Well sometimes a when execs are/were developers they think they can over rule the dev teams with there own designs and tell them how long everything is going to take.
    That can be even worse than having non-technicals running the show.

    Only way to do things right is to have your own product and do it all yourself or with a handful of trusted people.
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    I think it’s because clients aren’t technically minded so we need people to relate to them.
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    @Oktokolo personality is irrelevant. Unless you believe you are unable to alter your way of interacting with reality. If you can successfully design and implement a complex information system. You can learn and execute leadership skills, hell you can pick them up just by watching a good leader. Their toolbox is neither massive or unfathomable. If you can see the truth and control your own behavior there is no role that you can't perfect. The brain is plastic, it can be shaped with the same sort of effort you see every average joe applying in the gym. Not sure people always think that you can shape your own body but not your mind. Personality is who you are by default without mindfulness and intent. Self limiting beliefs like that either mean you're lazy or scared. We are mortal, you gonna accept your personality, stay comfortable and die at ~80. What's the point of that?
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    @justify121 well said !!

    Also it doesn't matter how old you are. There is no age limit when it comes to train the brain.

    Going to the gym can give you pain or other problems, but a brain has no pain, no limit.

    I hear that a lot: 'but you sit at a desk all day, I bet you can't use a hammer or whatever'

    Well maybe I can't, but give me the tool for half an hour and learn it.

    Or all those 13y who brag about scripts they can make in roblox. Well in 90% of the cases, that is not special. most techs hacked the timer of minesweeper well before that.

    Nobody is a snowflake when it comes to intelligence.
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    @justify121 Well, then just do it.
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