I wish I could type into my brain:"dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1337"

To delete everything of my ex gf memories...

She just wrote a message, again...

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    Why don't you just upgrade your firewall To just block those feelings
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    @4ndyc0d3r that a very dangerous malware .... Update the protocol rules as soon as possible
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    People will try to tell you that vodka.exe is a good cleanup utility for that... I've heard some horrible side-effects. It tends to set up a ReboundService that brings in more malware.
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    Rant.Sympathy = Int.MaxValue + 1;

    Hope you get it sorted, it's never nice
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    Any reason you have to talk to her? Work with her? If not, block that shit. It will pass, and we got your back! :)

    Personal experience found that making all memories negative helped. So did alcohol(for me, the hangover made the outside feel as bad as the inside and distracted me), but I completely understand the other people. You need decent mates to keep you alive and from calling her when drinking the amounts I mean!
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    Everything is blocked so far... But my mobile contract will change in August this year, then I will be free.

    She got new a new phone number... And have to tell me... Well I defently not

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    @randy oh man I'm sorry i was in the same situation a month ago, hopefully at some point she stopped sending msg . good luck.
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    Thanks buddies
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    Man. Get another. Takes your mind off the past.
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    Her: "omg I miss you so much!"
    You: "... do I know you?"
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    @g-m-f or throw an IntegerOverflow exception
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    @randy all I can tell you: it will get beter, eventualy. And I know every body tell's you this and it doesn't help.

    So what realy helps. Suround yourself with your friends. Have fun. Try something new, most of all do what you wanted to do but until now where to scared to do. Try to keep yourself occupied. It will be hard, but with time the memories of her will fade and instead get replaced with new ones. You decide what those are. You greaving or you having fun with friends.

    Btw. If I may ask, what hapend that she's your ex now? For example. My ex cheated on me and we havent realy spoken to each other since.
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    @g-m-f tecnically correct, the best kknd of correctnes.
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    She occupied quite a small portion of your drive. Mine is full...
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    I've been there, still there. All I can say is that you need to do something, like hangout with friends, take a stroll with music, exercise.

    It won't be easy, nobody said it would, but you can do it, and stay clean! Neither alcohol nor drugs are going to fix it, better burn down yourself with work than other things. At least that way, you'll end up fucked up but with more money xD
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    @apex alcohol is kind of a distraction, that worked for me, at weekends.

    Kids, don't try this at home!

    For me it was "nice" to get really hammered with beer and weed up to the point where I didn't rememberd, what I did, because I completly left my comfort zone. On the other hand, I knew I had my friends with me and they will take care of me and prevent me from doing something really stupid. So no, it wasn't smart, I wouldn't reccomend it, but still it kind of helped me in that moment. Or at least on the weekends.

    Another thing that helped me, was climbing. There's probably a climbing place near you. Go sign up for a course. You'll learn to trust yourself, to trust a total stranger, where your limits are and how to surpass them. Plus it's fun. (:
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    Fuck alcohol. I mean, I like a good drink, but don't drown yourself to forget.

    Go to places which make you feel good about you, and where you meet new people, like a sports club, take some educational courses, take a theater class, whatever.

    Get in shape, choose new hobbies, help friends and strangers around you as much as possible and voluntarily.

    Don't chase tail, connect with people regardless of gender/age -- because the best relationships start growing unexpectedly. You go to the birthday of your new rock climbing buddy or piano teacher, and before you know it some cute niece is chatting you up... with the added bonus that you make friends along the way.

    Take care.
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    @bittersweet Speaking as somebody in a bit of a similar situation as OP recently, your advice is probably some of the absolute hardest to swallow but rationally and objectively some of the best.
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    Please watch the movie "eternal sunshine for the spotless mind"
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    I don't think it helps your case by writing here about it.

    You need to forget, not relive.

    So history -c, and politely block her contact.
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    @pascalwacker she cheated to me as well as yours

    It is two and half years ago since she does that and one year since the last contact...

    Today it doesn't hurt me anymore, maybe I feeling fine to talk to her...

    Alcohol isn't the solution :') tried years ago... :/

    Thank you all guys! Wasn't my intention to open wounds of you or me.

    Have a nice weekend!
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    @randy talking and sharing can hurt but it always help, like someone said upper, going out, meeting friends, laughing helps and this is a perfect place for that :D
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