Anyone else does this?

I can't for the life of me maintain focus during long boring meetings about new designs etc. For 2 years now I've gone by doing all kinds of stuff during meetings and only ocassionaly join in when I totally disagree with something.

Often I only need to chime in at the end anyway, either meeting notes get shared or I ask someone what was discussed the previous day.

Makes me realize how much time gets wasted

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    slack -> mail -> video meeting -> f2f meeting
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    i would if my brain were capable.

    but instead, i basically told them (diplomatically) "your meetings are making me sick". now i don't have meetings anymore, except if i'm actually needed, and if i couldn't solve the topic in writing beforehand.

    honesty pays off
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    I was doing this and then I started to not join the meeting at all if I know that meeting is unimportant. I also asked why am I invited some of meetings and tell them start meeting without me and call me if you need. The amount of unnecessary boring meetings decreased over time.
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    Back then, when i regularly had that half-day-long meetings in the office, i basically just sat there and daydreamed about completely different topics.

    Meetings do work - for conscise discussions of specific preshared topics. As a dev, most decisions you actually have to do yourself - as there just is no one more qualified to do so. You may have to interrogate the people above you in the hierarchy to clarify requirments and iron out ambiguities in sloppy-formulated emails.

    But if you are a dev or code monkey and in a meeting where you aren't the one asking the questions but also not doing support - you probably are in the wrong meeting.
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    our pm sometimes expects us to do coding during meetings... then why must I attend?
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    @coffeeholic lol my pm does that too

    Always the same joke that 'Oh Alex is already finishing the story we just wrote down' like no shit im bored as fuck
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    @alexbrooklyn 😂 fucking imbeciles sometimes.
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