*PM on drugs*

PM: The destination list on our Infinity Rider app is not updating even after the user changes their pickup location.

Me: ???

PM: Infinity App not updating after pick up point change.

Me: Not really sure what you mean... Can I get a screen record?

PM: {{sends screen record}}

PM: You see it's showing results of old search. Not good!!!

Me: {{Watch media half way through and saw the obvious}}

Me: Results on available destination are relative to the user's current location and not the pickup address.

PM: Why would that be? Not good enough!

Me: You actually requested that implementation after I had previously made the destination recommendation list relative to selected pickup address.

PM: Please revert immediately!!!

Me: Hmmm... You told me the reason why that implementation was needed was to prevent users from selecting interstate addresses because they could.

PM: Ooh true. You can leave as is.

PM: {{proceeds to delete all older messages but last}}

Me: (⊙_⊙)

{{ 4 hours later }}

PM: I think we need to look into this implementation a second time.

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    Rinse and repeat. Every. Fucking. Day.
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    PM on drugs, so relatable
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    I can’t say I’ve had that bad of an experience but I can definitely relate with going one extreme and then on the next update to the complete other hand just because the product manager decided that way all of a sudden.
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    PM... Military Police in some languages, which's standard police in some countries, philosophical rant right here
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    Methinks they must do this on all projects

    On one of the projects I worked on it was changing ui behavior and query parameters
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