Nearly 30 days into my new job. Haven't done any coding.

Just a lot of paper pushing and meeting scheduling.

What do?

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    Enjoy the management job?
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    well, better "meeting scheduling" than "attending meetings". so - be happy about it, because it could be worse ;)
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    Nothing if you enjoy yourself :)

    Otherwise I’d ask someone up the tree for when you can expect things to change. And also put a deadline on that so you don’t wait for n amount of months while never getting to where you want to be.
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    Do you have a computer yet
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    @tosensei oh I attend the meetings I make.
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    @iSwimInTheC what about the ones others make? :)
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    wait and be patient; in the meantime, learn as much as possible about the business and infrastructure as possible, that's were the real shit is, and also what will make you to stand out among others
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    Congratulations, now grab a second remote job.
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    Honestly this is annoying but ultimately it could mean they were not absolutely desperate for butts in seats. Their process might already be working and they are adapting to fit you in which can take a while.
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