QA ticket. Images are pixelated blah blah blah increase pixelation to make them pretty.

Next ticket: why is the site so slow. Need to be optimized blah blah blah

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    What image format btw?
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    @ElectroArchiver jpg, png I think. Not a frontend dev but acting as one for the meantime
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    @nachocode Maybe you should have gone with webp then~
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    @ElectroArchiver came to say this exactly. WebP is definitely the way to go these days, at about 80% compression it's still pretty seemless.

    Also don't forget to setup caching for your static images and if we're talking about user uploaded images you can make sure to at least convert them into progressive jpeg and progressive png if you for whatever reason don't want to go into WebP (but I would recommend it)
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    That's what you get when you just do what you are told, instead of discussing tasks beforehand (assuming you already knew the site would get slow).
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    Render with thumbnails, load and replace with high resolution versions in the background. For bonus points you can select resolutions based on viewport size.

    For extra bonus points, you can quit your job, walk away, and never look back. That’s what I’m thinking about doing.
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    I built a image converter into an cms once, turned jpg/pngs from 4k quality into 720 webps and gifs into webms. Was a major improvement, would recommend
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    Yeah I pretty much went with the webp route.
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