I was called on a review meeting on why the task took so much time and why my performance is going down.

I clearly stated that I was not managed well and I had lot of dependencies in presence of my reporting manager. She didn't look happy. Now I'm kind of worried that she could act weirdly as women are also emotional beings taking everything to the heart.

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    You had me up to that last bit.

    I couldn't quite understand it, could you take the dick out of your hands when you type?
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    * managers are emotional beings taking everything to the heart.
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    Clearly you’ve never had to deal with an overgrown man-child throwing a temper tantrum because you have somehow hurt his fragile ego.

    Emotional maturity has nothing to do with gender. If you made reasonable, logical points in your meeting then your manger should take that on board. If you just sat there and whined like a baby because ‘a woman can’t be my manager’, then you’re the emotional one.
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    @UnicornPoo it wasn't an gender one. I know ignorant men are very egoistic in nature. The same way women are also emotional beings like they have an emotion attached to most things in their life unlike most men who don't do that.
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