I think they should update receipts with a barcode or numeric code that allows you to import item lists or at least budgetary categories into a desktop app or larger software system or utility so you can track where you money is going better

They put alot of things in bucket categories

Like somehow if I buy something at a gas station it goes into gas and transportation because that's what the company does...

Kind of dumb

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    There are kind of what you want as in dietaty tracking apps but even that's struggling with ever changing products with no change in barcodes.
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    Who are "they"? Don't expect shop chains to do something that makes customers spend less. They already have systems in place to track what you buy, but there's no way they would expose that information to you.
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    @electrineer whoever created the purchase category assignment system that shows up on credit and bank card statements
    Nothing about people spending less but soda is not gasoline even if it's bought the same place
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