$work is migrating to a new HR performance review service (15five). Instead of a private (ish) review once a quarter, it'll be public (and uneditable) reviews due every friday. Better make sure that review is perfect.

also, praising a coworker is required.

<sarcastic thumbs-up>

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    Wtf, public?
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    Um so other coworkers can read how horrible and unproductive you are in spite of doing everyone else’s roles for them?
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    @Root I wish you luck on findig another job, because that is some fucked up idea...
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    To add to my last post, am I understanding this right? I’m having difficulty believing this is real
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    Was about to call bullshit when I read the username. Calling that workplace a hellhole would be be wrong on hell.

    @Root when are you getting out?
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    @TeachMeCode That’s what they said on zoom during training. I’m hoping they’ll restrict access to only HR and direct managers, but who knows.

    @korrat As soon as I find something else. Maybe sooner.

    I have to admit, though: it’s incredibly difficult to look for work (and especially interview) while burned out. But I’m trying.
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    Tell the legal department about it. Chances are, it is illegal.
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    Anyone remembers the series "The murder she wrote" where Mrs Fletcher solved crimes....

    The intro music just struck my brain.

    I mean... It really reads like crime book now... The "how a serial killer was made and turned the office to a slaughterhouse" kind of crime book.
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    The highest performance will go towards Okabokaboonga from the Hadashinoobo village who learned react and node (poorly) from the company’s global outreach and in less than a month he wins a role at root’s shit shack as a senior full stack engineer making 250k base salary, a luxury condo fully covered by the company and free sushi as opposed to some boar he just smashed with a club
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    what fucked up ideology is driving this?

    in best case : everyone gets useless fake praising reviews. promotions are based on unclear basis : somehow the guy licking manager's ass gets promoted . it is clearly visible to all and people starts leaving

    in worst case : everyone gets justified reviews . the person with best reviews gets promotion. people with bad reviews start leaving coz they are being humiliated publically too.

    therefore, in every scenario, people will leave. nice stupid move by the mgmt
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    Every Friday?! Wtf u be writing HR Bull full time …leave asap
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