I’m really cursed, no one loves me for who I am. Not even my family. And I will probably never be lovable. They only like me if I’m being fake. No one would care if I died based on the objective analysis of my life. Maybe this is just what it’s like growing up?

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    Woah, mate.
    That's dev stuff.
    But don't worry!
    We got you.

    Jist read Floydimus, Wisecrack's or my rants. And UnicornPoo's comments.

    It's just humans being unable to abstract themselves and being docks to next of kin.

    We got you.
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    We ❤️ you.

    Time for some new friends, hobbies or... family dare I say it?
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    We are jst different Mann...but we got u ...🥰🥰🥰
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    If yon can be genuine to yourself and others with no malicious intent. then who cares what others think. this opinion is now null.
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    @C0D4 nah fam #fullHomo
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    @bigmonsterlover everyone deserves love from others. I hate this “standard” that the only love people deserve is from themselves. I say it’s fucking bullshit and we all deserve love from each other.
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    @AleCx04 only for you bro 😏

    @phat-lasagna the world is full of shit people, sometimes "loving yourself" is the only thing you may have to hold onto, especially when your own family jumps in that pool.
    Doesn't make it right, but humanity is a selfish bitch at times.
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    @bigmonsterlover who gives u the right to say I’m entitled? I deserve love from my family and friends. If they don’t, they are pieces of shit, and that’s that.
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    @bigmonsterlover big monster lover more like big cock lover. Jokes aside, If it is not ur right to be loved by others, then why have any optimism, pride for yourself, or a sense of meaning in our society? Humans are entitled to be loved by others naturally. We cannot survive healthily without people who love us.
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