How do you guys deal with looking for a new job while still working at your current job?
I’ve been having to sneak out of the office for phone interviews. Not fun…

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    idgaf I work remotely
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    I had an online interview recently and didn't had the time to travel home. So I locked my door and did from the office. Unfortunately my colleagues realize the locking so I had to admit i did am interview. Guess what? Nobody cared except they now want to convince me to stay.
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    @UnicornPoo thanks for the sound advice, which I started putting into practice by telling recruiters/companies I’d rather have interviews during lunchtime or after work.
    @horus that’s quite funny. I almost did an online interview at the office yesterday (would’ve done it in a meeting room) but chickened out at the last minute and went back home to do it.
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