I’ve been trying to find a job in my field for the last four months and nothing. Today I got a lead on a trade job with a construction and renovation company. I have zero experience with anything they do and their rep offered paid training with improved earnings with increased skill over time. I can start next week if I take it. Less pay than I’m used to but more than zero which is what I’m making now.

Another friend who is a handyman is offering me more per hour and training as well. Just handing him tools and shit until I learn enough to be useful.

Now I’m wondering, why have I been wasting time on a dead-end programming industry that ultimately outsources everything overseas for less than minimum wage?

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    whoa whoa, take it easy my friend. You don't get to call an industry "dead end" if you're not able to get a job in it.

    Remember, your humbleness and positive vibes is a trait that many recruiters look for in interviews.

    You can be a world-class elite coder, but if your attitude is as shitty as this post, you're not getting placed anywhere.
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    @Sid2006 it says WordPress in his profile
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    @electrineer Yeah I saw that. My statement still holds its value. You can be the world's best in any technology, but a nice and humble attitude goes a long way.
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    @Sid2006 And you know I haven’t had a humble attitude in my employment and seeking employment…how?
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    @electrineer Most of us specialize in something or other. WordPress, despite its flaws, has to have _some_ merit because it runs on so many websites. The attitude that WordPress isn’t worth working with is the technology-first approach that doesn’t address the long-tail business needs of a huge swath of website owners who just want to publish content on a widely-used platform without having to pay a dev each time they want to add an image or a post.
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    a nice and humble attitude goes a long way.


    I can't say I've noticed it makes any difference !
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    Maybe you just need to move overseas. :-)

    Sadly, not the only industry that outsources. :-(

    Maybe you just love programming ?

    Trade jobs are always in demand though.

    And just sometimes, they need a programmer to fix things. :-)

    So, if I had gone back in time and spent more time on programming, I'd still have been unemployed tons, just with more ability to write my own games and applications !
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    I hope programming evolves into more of a trade and removes the corporate aesthetic. With all the labor jobs I’ve worked, at least there is a direct correlation between hard work and your status and minimal politics. Corporate culture definitely has a role, but it’s stressed too much. If I had an agency we would have morning workout sessions as part of the job, and nobody but programmers would work there.
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