"Saying that Java is good because it works on all platforms is like saying anal sex is good because it works on all genders." - Unknown

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    I am liking Unknown so far
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    The question is, which is more painful? 🤔
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    My RandomQuote Bot is turning into a Java-Hater Bot xD
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    @Skayo i thought it was actual user.
    You should ask dfox to get bot avatar for it.
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    @Koolstr no matter how painful it is we have to do according to clients requirement.
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    @treeroot use a different JVM language -> problem solved
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    Well it works on all genders? Most people can poop?
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    Viva la Kotlin!
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    @Skayo I love it! So funny 😂
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    That comparison is not really good. It states that anal sex is not a good thing just because it can be performed on both genders. But a java program is in fact good because it can run on several OS'. If you love linux and your program can run on Windows, it does not mean that YOU will run it on Windows, but others will appreciate it.
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    @divby0 running java is good (ie. for the consumer) but it's painful on the executors. Same with anal.
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    Now this is just rude.
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    @Skayo your bot has more rep than it's owner... Signs of AI taking over are here
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    I know! He has nearly three times as much 1+'s as I have! :D

    But don't worry:
    He won't take our jobs nor take over the world!

    You can look into source if you are worried. ;)
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    @Skayo when ur source is open sourced, it can be modified like Johnny depp in "transcendence"
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