Finally set my first big ticket to "QA" and I hope it get's through. I put in a lot of work and it feels nice to have accomplished something.
But now I'm sitting here, waiting for another ticket to float in so I can do something. I've been sitting here all day and I'm writing reusable code snippets for VS Code so I can use them in the future.
Does this happen often in the life of a developer that you have to wait a few days until you get to do something meaningful again?

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    depends on management, a good boss wouldn't leave you without nothing to do
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    @darksideofyay he's a pretty good boss tbh but I just dont have a lot to do atm haha. I'm gonna use this extra time to increase the productivity of my workflow
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    I never experienced idle time in my whole dev life. There is always maintenance, refactoring and other improvements to do in any non-trivial project.

    But if you aren't allowed to just grab your next ticket when done, maybe there could be artificial idle time because of management or communication problems.
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